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4 things you need to know before your first running workout

1. Start slow the first few days

Do not burn stages! it does not matter if you have steel legs because you raise twice your weight doing squats. It does not matter if your heart is in a good shape because of your spinning classes. No matter how you feel, if you haven't ran in a while, do not burn stages. Start slowly and take small steps until you achieve your goal. Wanting to start running 5K on the first day will only bring you back some great laces and you will not be able to run in days.

2. Training the mind is as necessary as training the legs

During those first days I remember that the only thing I could think about while running was how tired I was and how far I was to the finish line. Stay optimistic and focus on positive things. We recommend to listen to uplifting music or positive affirmation while running.

3. The pain of the first days passes quickly (really)

The first days you go out running you return home full of stiffness and pain in parts of your body that you never thought it will be affected by running. When running you engage your whole body, so don't expect your legs to be the only part of your body with pain. The good news is that the pain will be gone in a few days, give yourself time.

4. Do not compare yourself with anyone else

Comparing yourself with friends is very common, do not compare yourself. Everyone is different in their own ways and if you happen to be a very competitive person, then your main focus should be on surpassing yourself in each training.

Remember to share this post with friends 🙏.

Stay Strong💪.

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