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abs workout with weight or without it?

Abs workouts are with no doubts a controversial topic and it worries everyone who attends the gym regularly. One of the most popular questions when it comes to abs workouts, is whether these should be done with additional weight or if it is not necessary or appropriate.

Abs are one of the most popular techniques used to strengthen the core, and one of the varieties that is increasingly fashionable in different sports centers is to add additional weight during the repetition series.

Next, we will help you decide whether or not to use weight when doing crunches and in what circumstances you should stay away from this practice in your training sessions.

Should you use weight to exercise and strengthen your abdominal area?

Before deciding whether or not to incorporate additional weight in your abs workouts, it is important that you know the effect that this will have on your body and if it is really the goal you are looking for.

If you choose to do crunches with weight ...

You will be increasing the volume and strength in this particular part of the body. In addition, when training with weight, you will get a greater hypertrophy of the rectus abdominis triggering an increase in muscular volume, so that the abdominal muscles would become very powerful.

If you do not want to add weight to your abs ...

You can still gain strength and tone your abs without the need to add weight in your training routines. The most important part is to learn the right technique so you can perform the exercises well, If the exercise is done properly you can simply use your own body weight to achieve a strong and toned abdomen.

In conclusion...

...with weight or without it?

Abs workouts are a healthy and appropriate sport practice provided it is done under supervision. Experts advise beginners to start doing these exercises without added weight, because they have not yet sufficiently strengthened all areas of the body and they could injure the back or produce an hernia. Therefore, it is necessary to start working out progressively.

On the contrary, using weight is an appropriate and advisable practice for those who are in advanced stages of their muscular development, because in this case they will better strengthen the core musculature and gain definition quickly.

In case of doubts, it is always advisable to go to professional trainers, who can perform a fitness evaluation and give you a better suggestion. They are responsible for studying each case and designing a safe workout according to your goals, characteristics and needs of each user.

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