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How to motivate yourself when you do not feel like working out

Getting ready to go jogging or to go to the gym can be quite lazy sometimes. The cold or the excessive heat, the rain, the tiredness, the reluctance can turn into excuses really easy.

Although you enjoy playing sports and you feel great after practicing physical exercise, sometimes laziness makes an appearance and the temptation to leave training for another day is something that is imposed and that is difficult to resist. Finding any excuse to stay at home at ease, or to change the training for another more desirable plan, is simple and in these cases, it can only help you to have a sufficient motivation, to remind you that you exercise because you want and because it reports to you multitude of benefits.

Try to implement some of these simple and effective tricks:

Remember your goals

Losing the kilos gained in vacations, achieving a splendid six pack, increasing your endurance in the race or the power of your muscles ... whatever your goal is, visualize it, This process will renew your determination to train even if it is difficult to take the first step .

Think about how you will feel after training

Wether you want to release the stress accumulated during the workday or, perhaps to start the day in the best possible way, focusing on how you normally feel after workouts will impact your emotional state. We feel what we think about!

Eat some food that gives you extra energy.

(You can also use supplements like our +RADICAL Fat Burner)

Sometimes a good balanced breakfast or a healthy snack before training is all you need to change your mood.

Also try natural supplements that increases energy and promote a better mood.

Get your gym bag ready

Although it seems silly, is not. Preparing your gym bag does not involve any hard work and once is ready your backpack will be waiting for you and reminding you that, in reality, you do want to train. It is only a first step, but it is a voluntary act that, perhaps, is the push you need to get going.

Try a new routine

Sometimes, rather than unwillingness, it is boredom. If your training session no longer motivates you, you may need new challenges with a change in training routine. If you are too lazy to go for a run, because you know the path of memory, go for a new route and if the exercises and repetitions at the gym are heavy and monotonous, it may be time to try that machine you have never tried before. Propose a different goal in the short term is an excellent remedy to find motivation for that day when you do not feel like training.

Try a gym-buddy or group classes

Running as a group, participating in group classes can be very enjoyable, for example, Body Balance, Spinning, Zumba ... or simply going with your partner or friends to do your usual routine in the gym is a way to achieve a little extra motivation. Don't have a training partner? If you are in Miami visit us at Live Strong Gym and you will never train alone again :)

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Technology also helps motivate you when you do not feel like training. Maybe all you need is to listen to music that pumps you up. You can also have fun playing with wristbands or a smart-watches. A phone app my also be the answer to keep you focused and on track. Once you get the habit of tracking down your progress, you will not want to miss a day at the gym.

Please let us know in the comments what kind of motivation works for you. Others readers might benefit from your input!

And remember to share this blog on your social media so we can inspire more people together👍.

Stay Strong💪.

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