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8 life lessons we should be taught early

Life is a continuous learning process. Life is all about learning and discovering new things.  Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from college. That is just the beginning.

We learn in every experience that had happened in our life. We learn from our bad experiences as well as good experiences. It should never stop.

Throughout our lives we keep rising and falling, picking up important lessons along the way. Some of these lessons come from experience, yet there are others that we learn watching others or reading in books for example. No matter how much we learn from the books there is a significant difference between practical and theoretical experience.

The following list unveils 8 of the most important lessons in life that people learn the hard way.

1. Good things don’t come easy

If you want to have a good life with a successful career, emotional satisfaction, and trustworthy friends you have to work hard. Luck can take you only so far and the rest is entirely up to you, the amount of effort you put in every day, and the ability to learn from your mistakes. Don’t think for a moment that someone else is going to fight your battles with the same vigor and devotion as you would.

2. Take care of your health early

To be able to care for the people you love, you must first take care of yourself. It’s like the advice we’re given on airplanes: put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help someone else with theirs. Taking care of your health in early ages is a valid goal on its own, and it helps you support the people you love.

Improving your physical wellbeing is one of the most comprehensive ways you can support your mental health. You’ll have an easier time maintaining good mental habits when your body is a strong, resilient foundation.

Here are some suggestions for personalizing your self-care strategy.

  • Exercise daily. Exercise can take many forms, such as taking the stairs whenever possible, walking up escalators, and running and biking rather than driving. Joining a class may help you commit to a schedule, if that works best for you. Daily exercise naturally produces stress-relieving hormones in your body and improves your overall health.

  • Eat well. Eating mainly unprocessed foods like whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruit is key to a healthy body. Eating this way can help lower your risk for chronic diseases, and help stabilize your energy levels and mood.

  • Get enough sleep. Adults generally need between seven and nine hours of sleep. A brief nap—up to 30 minutes—can help you feel alert again during the day. Even 15 minutes of daytime sleep is helpful. To make your nighttime sleep count more, practice good “sleep hygiene,” like avoiding using computers, TV and smartphones before bed.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs. They don’t actually reduce stress and often worsen it. If you’re struggling with substance use.

  • Practice relaxation exercises. Deep breathing, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation are easy, quick ways to reduce stress. When conflicts come up between you and your family member, these tools can help you feel less controlled by turbulent feelings and give you the space you need to think clearly about what to do next.

4. Walk your own path

Create it. One step at a time. Show up. Take that step. See where it takes you. Sometimes it's a step in the same direction. Sometimes it's a step in another direction.

Stay true to your inner compass. Go in that direction. Sometimes this will feel like you're going in a circle or like you've been here before like you're backtracking. That's okay. Sometimes it will feel like you're speeding ahead, forging into unknown territory. This is good and a little scary.

Show up. Every day. You walk YOUR path. One consistent step at a time. Trust yourself, keep putting one beautiful foot in front of the other. Look at how far you've come. Dream about where you'll go. And keep walking your own path. You WILL get there.

5. Experience what you have learned

No matter how much we think we know about some topic, it’s only after we have put that knowledge into use that we get confirmation of the actual level of understanding that we possess. We read books, take classes, participate in seminars, and keep up with the latest info on social media to gain knowledge and increase our understanding of a topic. But that’s the easy part – it’s putting all this knowledge into practice that challenges many people.

Take action by incorporating your knowledge into your life. Implement a concept you’ve learned into your daily life. Put something new into practice at work. Make a new routine at home and don’t be afraid to ask others for motivation to help you.

6. Don’t hesitate when you should act

Don’t ever, EVER, hesitate to do something because you are too shy or think you could fail. Not many years away you will look back and be ready to give everything to get a second chance.

When you don’t take action to live your dreams, someone somewhere else in the world will. Take the risk. Put in the practice. Be willing to pay the price. Get it done no matter what it takes or how long it takes. You are responsible for the results you get. There is no time for excuses.

The following tips can help you on the path to live your dreams.

  • Fear is no excuse; we’re all afraid. It’s part of being human. It’s what you do in spite of your fear that matters. Look your fear in the eye. Tell it to back down. You have work to do, people to see, and connections to make.

  • Make a choice. We make hundreds of choices every day. Become aware of the choices you make and the consequences of your choices. Choose to get up an hour early. Choose to use your gifts and talents. Choose to go the extra mile. Choose to ask for help. Choose to leave your mark on the world. It’s all about choices.

  • Don’t be afraid of hard work. Be willing to do what it takes. Put in the hours. Network. Become an expert. Don’t back down and don’t give in. Dream big! Sometimes life will demand that you crawl one more inch and sometimes life will allow you to soar. Continue to advance forward. Enjoy it all.

  • Make yourself stand out. Tell the truth. Keep your promises. Make others aware of your strengths. Be persistent. Be yourself. Listen to your heart. Follow your dreams with integrity and love.

7. Your Words Have POWER – Use Them Wisely

Powerful, positive, and beautiful words can heal and uplift. When spoken with truth, your words have the ability to change lives. Think about how you communicate. Your words can encourage people to achieve greatness. Your words can support and even heal someone’s suffering. Your words can nurture, nourish, and inspire your children.

Sadly, emotions like hatred, fear, anger, frustration, and resentment can be expressed and fueled by words. Whether words are written or spoken, they have the power to break and destroy healthy environments, as well as relationships.

It is vital to always speak your truth, but we must be mindful about what we say and how we say it. Your words can change everything.

8. Be flexible with your goals

Your  life is subject to constant change. Sometimes the changes are small, and sometimes they’re bigger. The fixed plan you had to get some things done has already developed its first small crack. In such situations, stubbornly holding onto the plan will tend to lead to more stress rather than to lasting success and happiness. Know that there’s an enormous danger in being stubborn, in that you can adopt an all or nothing attitude and simply not start on something because you’re not sure that you can finish it.

That’s just not good.

When you start working on new plans, then you should mix your intended outcome with a good amount of flexibility. With a new intention, it’s not about doing everything perfectly and making zero mistakes from the first moment. It’s about building up a habit.

You give your body and mind something to take in: This is important to me, and I’m going to stick with it. Moreover, to ensure that you are successful in doing what you want, you should jettison any habits that you connect with a feeling of failure.


We really hope that you are taking notes and implementing this tips in your life. We also hope that you don't keep these amazing life tips all for yourself and help us spread the wisdom. Please use the social media links below to share this article with your friends and family❤️.

Stay Strong 💪.

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